Ahh now i know the legends of seven sin. and seven taste budha the bitter taste. lao tzu the hermit that tasted life as sweet and few others.

Sir mujhe movement and shift kb bnta h vo smjh nhi aa rha

Ha im doing an essay for good will hunting and looks likes one of the main character is telling me how to write it. Thanks Robin Williams

What are govt bonds excatly and what are repos

Im 12 and I have a crelative mind I would love one day to save the world but this song have me tears I would love for people to send money to different charitirs

No it’s not that, its about perception when he displaces or slangs words it creates a prism which is up to the listener to perceive what they want based off their nature(frequency) it creates ripples of uncertainty sort of say and it also makes the listener work by making them listen closely and pay more attention, it’s complextion and bizarre tripy nature also entails different emotions depending again on the nature of their light. nature simply put their development or travel from no understanding to understanding. young thug genius prism

This map is wrong. The Minoan civilization was the first Indo-European civilization in the map of Europe, started in 2600 BC. Make your Homework!!!

If the world will become like this in the near future, I swear I will be a doctor to force vasectomize the majority.

You Waaa Compost lefties are whining because she didn’t say negative things about Trump to support your feelings.

Yes, I would like to join Filip, and thank you Ariel!

This music tell me to read cmnt what other people tellin abt it.

Albert Camoooooo

Well if you dont like automation then try to return to the ground where you belong, you clearly dont need technology and science after all

+Dhrubadeep Das Understanding native speech is difficult, but the KEY is knowing exactly what to listen for. Learn how native English speakers pronounce certain words and listen for that. For example, as I say in the video, “The kids could have been drinking the milk” will NOT be pronounced with stress on each syllable. If you think these words should be stressed, then you will not hear it because native speakers do NOT pronounce it that way.

List dal do aap

There’s only one problem with the eightfold path, and it is the problem of Right Livelihood. In the modern world, it is very very difficult to work for a living in such a way that doesn’t compromise you ethically in some way. If you drive for Uber you’re helping contaminate the planet. If you’re a cook, you’re contributing to factory farming and the cruel treatment of animals. If you’re a banker. . . well, you get the idea. There some ‘right livelihoods’ though, like being an organic farmer in a self-sustaing farm, or a teacher/professor who actually wants the kids to learn, for instance. But for the most part, we all do work that’s very harmful to the planet and our fellow man.


I like this guy Martin……he’s down to earth, well spoken, and very intelligent……this interview was very entertaining although the breakfast club think ghostface is some kind of rap god like 2pac or Big…..The east coast have fallen to the South almost 20 years and running

It’s easy to hate on trump. Mostly because of what the media tells us. What’s more difficult is to hate on the ruling elites who are telling you to hate on trump.

I have mastered the art of “not thinking about it” a few years ago.

Great lecture. Thanks a lot


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