Well done. This was a bit ham-fisted, but I agree with the message. Still, I think it’s even funnier when complimented by all the comments this video is producing. Way to prove the point, folks.

Its very helpful.

Your work and videos are beautiful.

Some of the great poems to study and favourite rappers

The results is;

Is there a transcript of this video?

You’re the best man! the energy and passion you bring helps so much! “im so hyper” awesome

“The best ideas have to win.” If only congress would heed that advice instead of the two parties battling back and forth to see who’s ideology can be forced upon the country.

Pride and Prejudice pls

Hmmm The logo in the mousetrap???

It gon rain?

I like that you have the wall-screens in there.

Pills? He doesn’t tell much.


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