>Claim medicine was anti-gay for suggesting there was a virus that mostly affected homosexuals

The start in Turkey shows an older thesis. The general idea now is that it started in the Pontic–Caspian steppe, on the other side of the Black Sea

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What about explaining the British, American and Soviet invasion of Iran during WW2 and the huge suffering of the Iranians as a consequence? (Stealing the nations resources, calling the leader to step down, and causing mass starvation and death.)

Better than despacito. And never gonna give you up great as all star.

What this guy is saying is what I came to this world to fix

Demand: CRITE

It helps me relax and sleep 😴

JazakAllah (thank-you)

Lack empathy of our modern society will be an essence of what to come in the future where our children will be emotionless of how to deal their problem maybe this kind of problem lead to birth of Narcissist and Psychopath behaviours which common you found this trait in today’s people.

She talks with her arms way too much in the interview. kind of distracting

Amazing video mam..

So nice procedure, madam

Wow love it

I don’t really like this because “equality” does not mean “loss of identity”, it’s just respecting others’ opinion without having to think the same way and treating them depending on their actions and words and not their skin or sexuality or any other characteristic they don’t get to chose.

I’m going to leave it there!

Does his income will include in national income or not.?

They will beat martin shkreli lmaoo, stupid niggers


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