Parties. Ridiculed, mocked, silent leers exchanged across the room.


Special creative snowflake ~cries in the corner~



The social media is changing our education life.

Chomsky has said in countless ocassions that he prefers to discuss US policy and actions made by the US Government and to think about those rather than making arguments with no moral or intellectual value about other nations. He is an anarchist in a true sense but he is right to talk about the agressions commited by the country he is living in, he is an American and has contributed massively to American intellect than many other millions that live there.

I learn alot from you man. thanks! you changed the way I see the world.

I have small messy handwriting

Thank you!


What he mean is, he doesn’t like people correcting him, it smashes his illusion of being an unassailable polymath. He has of course corrected his guests grammar on QI more than once, on one occasion getting a large round of applause for correcting Alan Davies. Hypocrite.

An exceptional explanation of the root of sexism and so many other issues: racism, homophobia to name a few. Thank you for this!

Surely there’s nothing about it that can be considered ‘glorious’ if ‘queers’ are just doing ‘whatever’?

Immigration Reform, WINNING!!!… wait, nope… but…

Sounds Midwestern

Adam, It is true that a recession occurs as a result of a decrease in AD, which decreases RGDP, and raises unemployment – this occurs in the short run. However, the bonus is referring to how the economy corrects itself in the long run. Here’s how it works in the long run: If we fall into a recession, workers will eventually have to take wage cuts (inflation expectations fall). This causes SRAS to shift right (due to lower resource costs) to long-run equilibrium (full-employment level of output).

4:08 You snapped! Captin underpants is off!

I love it!

Heyyy I am Human too WHOOAAA other Humans!?!?!?

in this will live forever in His Kingdom of Heaven

Really enjoyed this segment a lot!

There is a place in the heart that will never be filled


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