Who is this guy? I always hear people say hes horrible and hes a sociopath lol he seems normal to me

Great!! Very good video, this video gave me a lot of insight for my thesis writing, Thank u ma’am


That’s so sad! His lifelong is unhappy.

Part 2 and Part 3 are Private. Cannot watch them.

“Young thug is the 🐐 “, shut the fuck up. So mumbling and having barely any lyrical ability makes him the best. It’s a shame that these kids find him even remarkably close to being a musician. I don’t know how someone’s brain can process him being a “good” rapper.

Fuck off with the annotations!

Great presentation man!!

This trend is probably going to kill the Marvel Universe. If they can’t steer away from it and get back to telling complete stories, they’re eventually going to be as cheap as Transformers films.

I liked this video a year ago. Now when I watch it again I wish I could click the ”like” button more times again.

That video was totally fucking useless and uninformative.

Rick Sanchez: smartest man in the universe cannot recreate szechuan sauce outside his own mind…

Would just like to say that we still speak welsh in wales, and although we do also speak english, thats like putting english on other countries that also speak english and their native language


Since I should give my opinion as a judge in both ( Evaluation, then Response stage ) I still can not understand the difference between both

Hey, I don’t mind being the next horse. I’ll just be a computer programmer or a politician… or a Computer repairman… or just an avid YouTuber and/or Tv/Movie watcher. TAKE MY JOB COMPUTER(so I don’t have to finish college.)

How about the shit villains? There’s literally no memorable one aside from Loki & Winter Soldier who’s more of an anti hero.

Lachie@ives. net

Who else is beating their children?

For anyone wondering, the judge held that no man can save his own life by killing another, so they were convicted

So what about his background, wasted time while you could have focused

Read Persepolis!


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