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He is the best person in the world

I fucking love this guy

In your slide regarding “active vs. passive” voice, the example below the bullet that you give is opposite of the way it’s actually worded. One who does not know the difference between active and passive voice, might read this and think it’s the opposite of how the different voices are used. Great information for the ambitious job seeker with initiative!

. The issue listed here is that uncertainty arises in the value of the expected get back since the worth of beta is not continuous, but changes around time. Utilizing the CAPM in investment evaluation Problems can arise when using the CAPM to estimate a project-specific discount rate. For case, one popular problem is locating acceptable proxy betas, since proxy organizations very seldom undertake only 1 company activity. One way to achieve this is to deal with the equity beta as an average of the betas of several different areas of proxy company task, measured by the general reveal of the proxy company industry value arising from each activity. Nevertheless, information regarding general shares of proxy company industry value might very difficult to obtain. A similar problem is that the unlearning of proxy company betas employs capital framework information that may not be easily available. Some organizations have complicated capital structures

OMG I wish I had found these thing while I was struggling all semester with my Research class at GMU! I just turned in my final project and I know it would have been better if I had seen these first.

“like maybe you’re supposed to be doing right now”

Aati sundar

Very good

Thank you so much i’ve really gained advaced ressults by watching your vidioes further i have suffent accessbility to use corretly this infustrucutre of writing an essay

Loophole. the soldier said shoot one of them not kill them. shoot one of them in the leg and all 20 get off and only one gets injured but not killed

A shirt is not abuse and not opression.

Just tell them you slay dragons for fun.

Jade I’m so happy for you!! Go where life takes you and good luck for the next year ❤️❤️💜

😰Seriously, dude. Was this something you prepare or did you just rhyme that many times in a row by accident?😂

We were in a state of nature where we had to protect our property from being taken by obama and given to his campaign contributors, and the fear of his reign led to economic decline. thank god that will end in a month and we will have a president who is a world class executive who can make us prosper, a man who has proven results and proven regard for others as shown by his generous donations of time and money to charity and public service.

Sperandum est pro libertate

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a justification was needed for this new, modern narrative.

Yrr…notes kha hain plzzz bataoge


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