Wow. He was a year older than me.

(Kfc uses normal chickens but mc’donalds uses toxic for chickens)

To encantado!!!

You should do a whole video about Tommy Wiseau.

I find this guy smarmy. just me? cause he’s a big important harvard dude after all. weekends of hookers and blow. if so, obviously not cool.

This is kinda dumb. It over simplifies things in order to make the “PEOPLE IN POWER” look controlling and evil. Look, I know it’s tempting to just yell at people with power or money but power and money manifest in all sorts of ways. You having access to the internet is a form of power and you having free time to spend here is privilege (and yes, I hate using that word). Also, to say that “thoughtful journalism” ever existed ignores the fact that these people need to be paid money and you don’t write a slanderous article about your boss. Why would journalism be different now then before? What? Were the 1920s a time of clarity and thoughtfulness that we pretend it was? And before you mention it, I know that we don’t live in the past but I don’t really think people are different now then they were before. The culture is different.


And who says the free market can’t maintain law and order and build roads.

Also my answer below will shed a great light.

Big Lies 😐

10. The Stranger – Albert Camus (opened discussion about immigration)

I know Spanish and English fluently. I am currently learning Korean. ^_^ (and one day Learn Latin, French, Russian etc)

He is the future.

I got a 7

Fui el like 4,000 yupii xD ok no. pero si fui el 4,000 xD

I understand that this is Econ 101, but I’d have liked to have seen mention of where, other than so-called market failures (i. e. public services), demand and supply don’t necessarily dictate price. Many consumer goods, for example, are priced in anticipation of a certain level of demand, no the supplier then seeks to provide that number of products. Mobile telephones don’t rise or fall in price based on supply (other than in extreme, possibly longer-term supply changes), but on how companies have calculated expected profits.

Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism for all

So so helpful… Really glad I found your channel… Thanks for all the great advice!

That actually has not fully elucidated connotations of sexual slavery and prostitution.

2- Advertising = Whoever chooses to advertise with Al Jazeera, I don’t know who’s willing to put their image connected to this outlet that is connected almost directly to terrorist organizations, theocracies, etc. So I believe they don’t get much in revenue from ads, they’re funded mostly by petrodollars.

I’m ashamed of being an economics major.

Here’s a final thought: maybe those images dont exploit female sexuality, they exploit male sexuality.


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