I didnt know that Santa was mean

Eminem has a lot of imagery and alliteration in his lyrics too which really take things to another level.

Oh but i wrote how i want.

Hi, I found your video incredible, I had seen it for some time, but every time I see it, I become more and more aware. I posted it in my blog I placed a link to this link. Thank you very much, it’s magnificent. The link of your video on my blog is: br/2017/10/homem-bacteria-mundial. html

Your plans/ideas for your gap year honestly sound amazing, and are really making me consider a gap year as an option-it would give me the opportunity to do all the things I’ve dreamed of doing and places I would love to visit!

If robots do every thing. How humans will get money to buy the products the robots make…

Nice really good

Hahaha you sir are awesome :”D

Well-fucking-done. Very impressive

I come from the alpine region of Austria. If I talk in native dialect, people from Bavaria don’t understand me, let alone Germans in general. Sometimes it is even hard to understand people from the next valley because of their own words they use to describe things or tasks. I don’t understand why there never was an attempt from Austria to define its own language besides “standard Austrian German”, like they did in Norway for example. I lived in Stavanger, south-western Norway, for many months and learned bokmål for writing and the heavy regional dialect “Stavangersk” which differs immensely from the written one. On few trips I had to Oslo, it was almost impossible for me to understand them haha! Very comparable situation!

The Bible is not a novel, you morons.

I love you! No homo

Very interesting. Emma, Thanks for the class. Nice Day

Excellent, thank you very much for your work

3:19. . but Frodo isn’t a human…..😉😉

Any way ur hands looking sexy mam


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