Then the 3rd would be, “understanding the true nature of reality is the way to end suffering”

This is blah

Loved the video! Snapchat – amy1xxx

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Thank you it will surely helpful for me

Sir your all vedios r very good and your explanation method is very simple and excellent


Man you really need to talk about how badly americans fuck up australian accents


There is no objective value to anything. Minds give everything value and minds are subjective by their nature.

Be* this* or you are going to fail your exams

Your purpose is to pass butter

With accent = georgia

Anyone that has actually read Nietzsche will know he’s in no way a nihilist.

So you don’t recommend drawing diagrams for the 25 mark question?

I hope you do many more videos with Erik. I re-watch his videos sometimes for no reason. It’s addictive, good content.

You might want to discuss market manipulation, currency forex, and government picking winners and losers.

So in conclusion, life and the law are all about choices – the train


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