Is there any whatsapp gp for m. a economics? plz tell if any bro knows…

Thank you for making this video! I have been studying Foucault for a bit now and it was so helpful to have the audio and visual components instead of just reading the words, it really helped it all click. Thank you!

Si me sonaban los muñecos

Everyone who swaers are à peace of shit

2:19 – 2:26 …boink

JazakAllah (thank-you)

This is a great video but I just can NOT find episode 6

A really cute girl appeared on the last trick, it’s the best trick ever!


The system of white supremacy now has you LOCKED OUT. Dr. Michelle Alexander’s recent book, The New Jim Crow, states that black folks in the U. S. have been pushed back, socially, to 1968 levels. In other words, you have been pushed back 47 years!! And they are NOT going to stop pushing, because they want you either DEAD or under permanent servitude.

– Could do better than Bronislaw Malinowski with bringing up the fact that many people believed in these myths. These used to be religions. They deserve mention too. Could fix this by doing a theology video.

Nah I should have been more precise

Great to hear! Thanks.

U. S.

I was hoping he’d include the verse from Twinz by Big Pun. It blew my mind the first time I heard it when he said “dead in the middle of Little Italy, little did we know that we riddled some middle men who didn’t do diddily”

That shirt though

It was awesome

04:07 Trevor Philips’ secondary real life counterpart.


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