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Is this the African individual Keemstar was referring to?

This video is the easiest explanation on how to make your essay. I look at so many different sites, this one I can understand

I would just like to point out that a better physics analogy would be Newtonian mechanics to Quantum mechanics.

Its sad :’c

“If it was a sin for you to choose me… then I would go to the Devil himself and bless him for tempting ye to it.”

I’m muslim shit

So, I happen to be performing in a great show known as Seussical. Basically, it’s a love letter to the works of Dr. Seuss, combining many of his works and characters to make a big story in the form of a musical. And before this show, I had only read a couple Dr. Seuss books, and hadn’t thought they had deep meaning. But my director, an English teacher who loves the work of Seuss, has shown me through the musical and frequent readings of Seuss books to the cast how important Dr. Seuss really is, and I’m very proud to be a bird girl in Seussical. I hope somebody in the audience sees all these characters and lessons put together and learns something important. And if you haven’t read Dr. Seuss or watched Seussical, you should do both, because they are very interesting to compare and are both important in their own ways.

Omg i dont think this is review to us but more to him lol its so fast!

Like Trump?…

This is an extremely well made video, well thought out.

Just a few decades ago, people from adjoining villages only a few kilometers apart could be discerned by very clear differences in their pronunciation of words in the same dialect. In south Hesse, where I come from, this affected mostly the vocals and the “sentence melody”. Still, to a local the variations in speech were extremely noticeable. With the ever-pervasive influence of TV and the standard language around us, most of these local variations have faded into oblivion. In fact, most dialects have dwindled to slightly different intonations and slurs and non-standard grammar simplifications in contrast to their previous strong characteristics like idiosyncratic vocabulary.

8:28 What if r=1/π 😛


Great stuff, great job

Liar, there is no word for THANK YOU, in DOTHRAKI


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