This molded silicone has got me begging please

This is the very video that I was recommended watching by my university professor! Thanks, this was very helpful.

I speak 4:Tamil Hindi Gujarati English and a little bit of french

Hilarious! keep em comin’! 👍

The male narrator looks like mark cuban’s nicer brother

Saving the world isn’t exactly pretty

That curve shouldve been a line

Shout out to those of us that just came here cause we like Classical music.

Anybody got a list of books he was talking about?

Nietzsche did not embrace nihilism. He wrote about it yes granted.

It appears as though 250 odd people either lack a love for language or prefer a love of rules.

Dafuq is wrong…he’s just mumbling

A Crash Course on Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury or The Perks of Being a Wallflower (not very classic, I know, but indeed very good) by Stephen Chbosky would be really cool. 🙂


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