Tlhe’ DoH wov!

This is my phone number

Final in 3 hours lets see if i can pass xD

But who’s gonna pay for robot’s service if all of us are unemployed?

I do stuff like this in school code. org

Hi, Thanks for your explanation, where can i find complete genera task 1, 2 real exam with answers and error comments?

Purple Lamborghini lurkinn

Is this fucking serious?


That Vietnamese thing is not true, Vietnam has around 54 ethnic groups and the dominating one is Kinh, 2nd is Chinese ( who speak Cantonese mostly) so if youre from China and you ran into these people, you may understand them but if you ran into the rest, you wont understand a thing, yes sure, the word are borrowed from chinese a lot but they are twisted into Vietnamese which will sound very diffrent and there are different accents and dialects within the Vietnamese language

Everyone is amazing

This is a very beneficial video! I recommend it for all my students. Keep up the good work 🙂

This video is very, very informative. Thanks. just that it is not so clear. Is there any way of getting the original copy of it?

Nowadays you can’t watch a God dam video without the entire world turning it into a fucken argument. FUCK all haters.. that includes blacks that hate white people

Haven’t you just taken infinity, divided it by two, and then (since infinity divided by any finite number is still infinity) you still have infinity. And then obviously you have two lots of infinity. But as you mentioned in your ‘counting past infinity’ this doesn’t mean you have twice as many things. You have just divided a finite thing into an infinite number of things, put them into 2 infinite piles. But it still only makes up one sphere.


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