Your rhyme, his rhyme, no rhyme, none

Dear Soma Ji, Thanks.. It’s very simple and good one… I like this very much

Thank You for this thoroughly enjoyable and provocative presentation on “Sophia’s Plea”

I’m still learning my 3rd language rn skdhsndkd it’s so frustrating

I actually prefer the why marvel looks then the way you made it look, it’s too yellow and brown and looks less realistic which is what marvel is going for a more realistic superhero movie, they always try to ground them in reality bisdes gaurdrins 1 & 2. but it’s just my opinion and I’m not saying you are wrong if you like it, i just wanted to say my opinion

Philosophy of adventure time please!

Hi! Thanks for the videos could I possibly get the notes? –

Jessica Chastain’s vegan brother.

Which planet are you from

I agree what Professor Crystal says, he explains so many aspects of learning the World Englishes. By the way, he tells us that we need to explain our culture, myth, legends, the food you eat, the folklore you have, the songs and so on in English, which extremely attracts me. If we do this in our daily life, then someday we can learn more know ledge as well as our native language. Thanks for sharing this useful and inspiring videos.

Maybe it’s.. intentional?

I think millions of people could pick out individual words. I can, just can’t spell them. I’m a fan of Star Trek, but never studied Klingon. Just learned a few words here or there from the Movies and TV shows just from watching them over the years.

If your message cant be understood in an objective sense then i dont see how thats evolution of the language more like a step backwords if two people can listen to it but come away with two different words thats bad now when two people can both listen and comprehend the words fully then come away from that with different interruptions on what the words actually mean that seems better too me

Relax the mind and soothe your brain

Let’s get something clear;

Too long

जाति व्यवस्था का सर्वोत्तम समाधान हैं अंतर्जातीय विवाह।

Good. we have heard so many stories from moms of kids who started out

I wanna point out that the Frankenstein complex made an appearance in Season 3. In Rickmancing the Stone, the slave owner/king person says “Slavery was a family business! I didn’t ask to be born into it! If anything, I’M the victim here!”

I really like Beethoven so i give it a thums up

Patrick, is it possible for you to share to us the “color calibration” settings for popular media players like VLC, Media Player Classic, etc. to make Marvel movies (specifically) look like the footage (3:37) you color graded?


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