How do the assumptions of the “laws” of supply and demand as “efficient” market forces square with the advertising industry?

More helpful than my own uni thats supposedly in top 10 lol. Literal life saver!

Would you push it?

Imagine Morgan Freeman reading these, oh my gad

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It’s just gibberish

Omggg this is soo freaking amazing

G malog dečaka

This topics helps me a lot! Thanks. Hope for more videos on that topics.

Your voice is very nice

Great video. Your knowledge on the topic of color grading was really insightful and got me thinking quite a bit. It is very true that lots of the shots do look dull and bland as well as…well very gray. And while the shots do look better and more vibrant with some color contrasting and scaling as you have shown, I feel like even that does not totally fix it. What you did often makes it come out with more of an orange tint and makes it look similar to the Hulkbuster scene is 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, which is helpful with certain locations but often odd looking in others. I Definately agree that Marvel should work on color contrast (and I thought it was better in Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2), but I think that the color should just be more contrasted and the black shades should be brought out, as you explained. Anyway, thank you for the interesting content.

Why the remaing intermadiate count in national incom

I lavom (with who/what I travel?)

Patrick, I think you do a good job of explaining your personal aesthetic and why you think these films should be more colorful, but I disagree with your assessment that these films are grey and ugly. IMO It’s fair to say that the MCU color pallet is muted compared to films like Transformers and Pacific Rim, but it could also be said that the latter films are much more visually fatiguing than the movies you’re talking about – the Transfomers movies in particular are famous for having action scenes that are hard to follow, this is in part because of the super hot highlights and the highly saturated colors. The Star Wars prequels are also good examples of how a saturated color pallet coupled with lots of CGI can be fatiguing to the viewer. It’s one thing to add a contrast curve to a short sequence or a still, but making a (watchable) action film with lots CGI look somewhat realistic is REALLY challenging, especially when it has to sit comfortably within a series of films. The correction you posted looks more like a glossy ad for a superhero film (in my opinion). 🙂

Thank you so much! I have an SOL( which is a major test) tommorow and I have to write an essay. Your video helped me so much! Thank you!!

Ok, but someone please answer me. Emphatic people can not harm their enemy, their enemy would be those who do harm to others. Ie: the psychopaths in suits that run corporations that rob oil from Afghanistan for example. Those who run the capitolist world do so because they don’t care for their fellow human, they care only to control their fellow human. Autism, Aspergers, ASD people lack empathy as do psychopaths, people can not feel what their brain isn’t wired for.


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