Looks fantastic to me

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PLEASE, break down VIKINGS

Just 1 week ago a computer taught itself to walk.

Name of the music please??

Is this patched or does it still work.

You’re confusing gender and sex. Sex is an essentialist concept, the sex you were born with. Gender is completely different: some people who have been born male, yet who are very effeminate, or conversely, tomboys as they call them. Gender has almost nothing to do with genes, sex has everything to do with it. We associate masculinity with strength, indepedence, entrepreneurship and femininity with emotionality, weakness, … That is a cultural construct that is sexist and harmful.

The gay man is very much a modern creature…

It’s rethorical aim is to ‘equalize’ men and women, whereby any detected difference is imputed to socializing forces only,

I wanted to know what you are about, but I don’t have time to view your video a second time to get what I missed because I was distracted by ‘guessing’ where your name comes from.

You ignorant turds

What is that circular artwork on the board? I can’t find any reference to it…

Hey Vlogbrothers please check out the book, “Autism The Fight In Side,” Written by A. E. Bower. The book is about having Autism, and serving six years in prison for a robbery that the main character did not do. The book is a bio-pic Non-fiction. You can view the book at, and or buy the book for the listing price. Thank You.


Me: Wtf?

Copy cat….

Still fucking nonsense!!!!!!


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