Yea! Great advocate for following your heart!!

He’s one of the smartest intellectuals currently working in the entire field of social sciences. However, listening to him talk is like chewing on Valium-laced molasses candy.


Obrigado pelos vídeos Paul, estou gostando muito, embora ainda esteja aprendendo inglês, the videos are helping me to increasing it.

This was a great help because i cant write intro’s or conclusions to save my life so thank you very much

Could you write the general structure for IELTS Writing Task 2 in simple way to understand how can I write like this kind of essay, please?

WOOO! Ya used Command and Conquer’s No Mercy sound track for your Number 1 😀

Thx soo much and my brother watches this too your nice :3

Theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer’s

Olahh saludosss

Amazing movie

2 am. Cant sleep. Must. Watch all. e. o

I so respect this guy!

Thank you so much.

Thanks you so much professor.

Age of Empire 2 had the best macro options in any game. You could dodge projectiles by changing squad formations. You could destroy an upgraded enemy army with good macro and no upgrades.

Tbh i never put the dot in the i lol

Mashallah a very nice lecture.

True in most cases, but sometimes it is important to use the correct wording, punctuation, etc. (i. e., their/they’re/there, your/you’re), or else someone will have to take a little extra time to try to process what is meant.



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