5. The imperialist-fascist German national anthem’s melody is a

Jump if zero, to start

How do you make these presentations?

Don’t worry. All those “r”s he drops are not lost. They are just added to the end of other words like law and idea. (-;’

Is it me or this guy sounds like Denzel Washington?

I feel so sad

God, she’s hot.

What about monopolies? ISP’s, occlusion, etc

“i am mine.

Look how happy those guests are 🙂

6.Harry Potter

That guy doesn’t know how to teach

That’s a very unintelligentful thing for you to say.

I wish you would stop coming up in my feed

How surreal and strange, love it. Very true.

It’s worth noting that what’s really going on here is not a one dimensional spectrum but really a complicated mish-mash of different systems. Just to keep things simple, Denmark for instance is very socialist when it comes to the video’s question number 3, who gets the resources with it’s extensive transfer payments. However, Denmark is notably much more free market when it comes to who produces goods and how they produce them. China actually is still rather socialist when it comes to production and how production is done (government owned companies are still a very large, though decreasing, sector of the economy), but fairly laissez-faire when it comes to who gets resources (thus China’s high and growing inequality).

JACOB TALKS TOO FAST!!! Also, he sometimes garbles his consonants. Please Jacob, SLOW DOWN your speech slightly. I want to hear and understand everything you are saying. Somehow I have no problem with Adriene. I am an American and English is my native language.

This was such a great talk! He sounds like such a beautiful person. I did not agree with his interpretation of ‘there is still a chance’ when his wife said no in the beginning though. I mean great for him that it worked out in the end but asking out someone is a special situation and depending on the situation your persistence could be harassment for the other person. The general point of his talk is crystal clear but I guess this was not a good example.

So beautiful…


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