This is so true,

We deal in

Honorable mentions: Huck Finn, Lolita, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man, The Idiot, Catch-22 and Great Expectations.

Around 20 min makes perfect sense. i have recently studied ecology and how by eliminating deer, population will rise. and when population rises, disease will spread faster, predators have more to eat, and the food supply decreases, causing death. its a paradox but it somehow makes sense.

Martin the most evil man in Pharma

Sir kya ab app parmanand ias acadamy par vedeo uplode nahi karoge. mayne jaise hi abhi subah 4:30 baje you tub khols to apka vedeo notification me deka. faltu logo ki comments pe dhyan mat diya karo sir. hame malum hai app bahut aacha kary kar rahe ho. hame aapke vedeo ka daliy entjar rahta hai sir. good blase you sir. thakyou sir.

He’s so freaking cute. Hahaha. This is funny.

But it’s not necessary anymore.

Bernie Sanders’ accent explained.

This guy is a fucking cunt he can eat a bag of dicks

Harvard students look broke as fuck lol.. why would i wanna be there

Heads off to MIT

+The School of Life, what do you say to a video of the late, great David Foster Wallace?

Also Afghanistan is in Asia, not Eastern Europe. Please develop a basic grasp of history and geography before further making a fool of yourself by spouting of on topics you have no knowledge about.

Hi sir @Guy E White… I am having a hard time finding for a research problem that will relate to applied linguistics and I am planning to choose translational health, any suggestion?.. Hope I can get a reply from you…

AS A WOMAN, AS A FEMINIST. This. Pisses. Me. Off. Understand, you dickless puritan? I blameless, regardless of how much pornography I have consumed, how many how low cut my outfits are, or whatever else you want to kvetch about next I dunno wearing my hair long promotes worrying stereotypes, why not? You are hurting women. You are restraining what we can do just so other women (and frankly more men than I would ever have thought) don’t feel uncomfortable. You are the religious right winger complaining about a gay couple kissing on television because it offends your ridiculous sensibilities and then calling it ‘hatred of Christians’. The two homosexuals could be Christians themselves, devote and faithful to every tenant not dealing with homosexuality itself, and it wouldn’t matter. They sinned, you decided because they did so publicly they must have been doing it SOLELY to offend you, and it makes you a piece of shit.


At least he has a sense of humor

Like, farsi has a object marking particle “raa” را

When I see a kala Indian trying to look White….

Thank you so much for this video!


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