Back to my ordinary, everyday, Lithium and more pill poppin’. Living on a pension way under EU, s norm for fovatry.

All Filipinos are bilingual lmao

If you want to point out the gender imbalance in STEM fields you should stick to those facts, not point to innocuous objects and subjective opinions and drawing unsupported conclusions from them to further your argument. It is only hurtful, and I think that people are right to criticize such a bad argument.

Thank you liberals for highlighting just how subconsciously racist you actually are.

Omg you’re so talenter😍

Эжаойё тавялаюч дырывий.


Want cheese with that whine

Do read jim morgan and the seven sins by bharat madan

“The Shoes of the Fisherman” by Morris West predates Pope John Paul II, but oddly predicts the rise of an Eastern European/Slavic pope.

Isn’t the word brutal is a little over dramatic?

I appreciate that this exists but I find that its much lower in quality than the other Crash Course series. I feel like more effort could be put into the initial filming and the scripting!

Inspiring figure…. maybe. But it also amazes me how he value original thinking over correct conclusions. Just because you question the status quo doesn’t mean that your conclusions will be more correct. Almost every one of the examples in this video highlights the flaws in his thinking.

Luckily I leave in Russia where education is about hating USA, gays and liberalism🤙🏻


I understand that these images can make women feel insecure. As a man I will never go through this to the same degree that women do. I do however feel insecure about my body image. I consider myself to be to fat to be liked by women. But I never would turn around and expect anyone to remove images that reinforce my insecurities. I think it’s important for me to socialize myself in a way, were I can deal with my own insecurities and not get in the way of things that other people like. I am a big proponent of personal responsibility in this respect. My final question is should people be hide images or other media content with images of sexualization or should people be socialized to know that it’s ridiculous to compare yourself to images in the media since there mostly all fake?

It’s insulting

Fire also illuminates…

It’s pronounced scare-city, by the way!

When he said united in the fact that we cant stand each other, i was like that’s so true because think about, there was a CILVIL WAR in AMERICA, and also political stuff and if I’m wrong correct me

Anyway I love you 😍😍😘💕!

I love these econ movies, they are fun, but incredibly helpful. Thanks a million.

This gave me hope

If she breathes she a THOT.


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