Thought you guys were making an awesome sculpture for the Uber Entertainment office… I guess not.

Fuck this I’m going to Europe or Asia

How does world’s words in collection?

It it not translated differently it’s just different romanizations. It should be “Lao zi” but the old Wade-Gilles system was “Tsi” just like Peiking is now Beijing. The Tao Te Ching is really the Dao De Jing.

This could have been a good video if that annoying music wasn`t there


Donald Trump is “uniquely” unqualified to be President.

You’re my hero.

Best Video On Youtube

Yea I love this series

Omului (of the man/ man’s)

Intro was so intense i almost had a panic attack

(Lightbown & Spada, How Languages are Learned)

The sunlight quivered. These blenched lips

Mom’s spaghetti

Watch my videos on this topic

Fuck that. The parrot clearly didnt want to take the tests (“I want to go back”). It was miserable and stressed hence why it was plucking out its feathers.


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