Charlemagne wat da fook are u doin for da black community?????

Missed out the greatest/worst accent in a film – Josh Hartnett in Blow Dry. Meant to be Yorkshire. Apparently there was no one from Yorkshire there so it was just made up.

Will be doing Macro next semester… Wish me luuuuck 🙁

Harvard students look broke as fuck lol.. why would i wanna be there

I came here because I don’t want to go to sleep, and I thought “Let’s see something productive” (if I can call it that way). Now, I’m here, listening to your voice, looking at your eyes, noticing your personal hygiene, seeing you gesticulate, listening to what you are saying and the connotation of it and I just subscribed. I don’t know what you did but there’s a saying that goes like this: “Eyes are the window to the soul.”

do you really think that a fat bastard like him could get into some sort of ritual in bohemian grover and film it, and later and all he is done is spread fear ===???!!


OMG 131k like ; 939 dislike

I agree with what your saying as well. While people are free to use language as they like, most people understand that there is a time and place for formal and informal language. Anyone stupid enough not to know this and uses ‘u’ and ‘itz’ at inappropriate times, deserves in my opinion, not to be taken seriously.

It *is* the original narrator. He said so himself in the video.

Our teacher said 5-6 but I don’t know if I’ll be able to do that… :/

So helpful u deserve a million subscribers


You are awesome. Thanks so much 🙂

Really useful….


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