Even though I’m not bipolar, this really helped me cope with the feeling of stress and depression when I think everything is my fault, I knew it wasn’t my fault but somehow I couldn’t convince myself before I watched this documentary, stephan fry is fucking amazing, if you ask me he’s “morgan freeman level” amazing!

“And to day the Great Yer tle, that mar velous he

Hyperbolic? All of it? Constantly saying “great” is hyperbole?

So many comments are completely missing the point.



“His heart smiled” – Beowulf

Adolf Stephens A as in apple an apple like a macbook a macbook has a screen which is a rectangle cut that diagonal its a triangle ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED

That would be so amazing! Thank you!

The happiness hypothesis by johnathan haidt. it’s kinda about philosophy, it takes “ancient wisdom” and modern science together and it works so well in 10 chapters

This guy is amazing. I learned so much, about my past, about my friends, about my family and how common this disease is and how often we misunderstand, misdiagnose and ignore it.

Quien se a dado cuenta que en el nivel 2 pone con las letras que eposita “L O A D P R O G R A M E R ” QUE ME DE UN LIKE EN ESTE COMENTARIO PD: No me di cuenta de que estaba escribiendo en mayúsculas pero al verlo me dio palo cambiarlo

Shout out to Chopin’s e minor at 6:00

Someone is holding up a sign saying “Deport Bears.”

Kevin costner as robin hood…english accent! lol. Its impossible to get past the haircut, let alone worrying about the accent.

“Embrace Simplicity, Save Planet”. Thats the message it implies for the Rich People here. Either they listen or suffer. The speaker suggests the onus lies on the Rich to limit the use of resources that we use to comfort our living.

Why do I keep reading YouTube comments?


Another salty washington post video

We are making a survey about globalization, please take a minute to answer it https://docs.


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