In recent parlance, the term “equitism” is often used to refer to “gender equity”, as a “synthesis”, or “mean”, of feminism and “masculinism”. It is sometimes also used to name a “synthesis”, or “mean”, between egoism and altruism. There was, earlier in American history, an individualist “equitist” movement for the amelioration of property rights injustices.

It talks about narratives I need expository essays

Dammit, I miss Obama! He was truly a class act

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This is interesting. It might also explain why second-generation immigrants, if they do not live in a sizable ethnic community of their parents’ origin, say things like they are only able to understand their parents’ language but they cannot speak it themselves. I have met several people who are second-generation immigrants who cannot speak their parents’ language, but they can understand what their parents or their grandparents are saying to them. I’ve met some people like this whose parents or grandparents speak Chinese. Very interesting.

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Song name. It’s so beautiful

Example of good intertextuality: Mr Robot season 1 finale, when they play ”Where is my mind” by The Pixies, which inmediately put in my head the ending of Fight Club, but wasn’t too much in your face. Sadly, i see this being used wrong more often than not. I liked The Force Awakens, but it uses imagery from the original trilogy so much that it’s hard not to think they’re just abusing people’s nostalgia.

Appreciate very much

Hello reader, I’m just here to say that I hope you get something done, I hope your papers get finished and you feel like you accomplished something. I hope media doesn’t distract you while you’re ‘in the zone’. I hope your writer’s block goes away, and you find a twenty dollar bill on the ground. I hope inspiration comes to you, and you write your aspirations through your characters. I hope you get a good sleep tonight and learn to appreciate the little things.

So basically, member berries.

If he did a crash course on tfios I would shit a brick. Btw tfios is a better love story than this XD

Family guy jack

If only it looked this good.


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