Your videos are soo helpful. Thanks a lot!

Thanks for sharing this video. Perhaps the reason why many students get this wrong is, the way they were taught. I studied at an International school and do remember one of my teachers instructing us to answer questions in the ‘wrong way’ as you stated.

It’s a proven, neurological fact!

I can tell that english is easy german while spanish is easy latin. Spanish is the closest to read it as it’s written, like japanese (if everything was written is hiragana or katana xD, just the pronunciation part)

That Asiatic dude talking about genocide and totalitarianism is fucking retarded. Harvard student my ass

This would be out now if it wasnt for the govermental lizards sensorin it.

Snapchat – Niamhwortley

I’m hoping for Rogue Servitors instead of Skynet (Wall-E instead of terminator).

It kinda rubs me the wrong way when people ask questions in a social context where it is literally down to speculation and personal views. Especially in some sort of abstract morality situation. Science knows thousands of reasons people are predisposed to certain behaviours, it’s in their biological make-up, its insane that people argue over male/female/masculine/feminine when you can quite literally inject chemicals causing these exact personality types. And people claim its a concious thing.

Normally you don’t reply, but here you are again and again. Yes you are pathetic, kiddo.

And the semblance to goose helped skyrocket his fame

Who cares about your o’s

Zo heet ik niet :'( dudette/dudin (<-- kies maar).

Hi Paul,

You go girl!

I had view your all lectures….

I fucking love this guy

I have just found a new GURU….. loved, liked and shared it mam

Up Next can you please talk about The languages Oromo and Somali.?????🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

That is all. I’ll leave you alone now. Thanks for hearing me out!


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