Hi can you write those in comment here as I needed for tackling my answers on similar question on language cultural and identity pls…

2.) The other assumption is simply the lie that America lost its jobs because of automation. Those jobs were killed by Alan Greenspan and Richard Nixon. When we took down the fixed exchange rate system and went to a fully open market there was no incentive to keep jobs in America when we could charge the 3rd world slave labor prices for lower quality products. All of our investment went into short term speculative investments, literally over 40 years of feeding a global slave market while starving our own basic needs. Look at hurricane Katrina or Harvey in Houston, these were the result of a willful neglect of basic infrastructure maintenance. The Dams in California, the subway systems in New York, bridges all over America – I could go on and on. This model hasn’t worked and to blame automation is a flat out lie. We need scientist, inventors, artists, all the things that computers can’t do that actually push society forward.

At 13:16 the “that the” sounds really like another voice added in the pos-production editing.

I think he has an over supply of neck tie 🙂 Great lecturer by the way

I wish someone taught me klingon

0:06 Lots Of Years Ago

I don’t know if he’ll ever read this, but if he does, I want to make it crystal clear to him that he DESERVES NOTHING BUT THE UTMOST ADMIRATION AND RESPECT for allowing us to witness the extremes of the mood swings he has to suffer in the grips of this DREADFUL, DREADFUL illness!!!

O’ day, arise!

Git gud

You Are good at everything

-hmm i wana hire this person

You are so good! All of your videos are so high quality its unbelievable how can one be so spectacular!

Very helpful. I wasn’t sure on how to use a in-text citation on a web article because the web page didn’t include a page number. thank you!

Apple IPhone, IPad etc are made in China but r also one of the most expensive products in their category. The only plausible explanation for this then is the fact that greed for ever more profits (10’s of Billions) and not comparative advantage is what has lead to this situation.

‘I’m fun and cool and light-hearted!’

You have helped me tremendously! Your easy to follow, organized presentation combined with real clear and concise examples are fantastic and extremely helpful!

You know, this really interested me in literature. The main reason being is, I thought that people who read 24 hours a day (hyperbole) are crazy, which I do find Ironic, because I read a lot of physics books (mainly because I studied theoretical physics), but this video made me that much more interested in literature, so sincerely thank you.

It turns out that these assumptions are reasonable enough that the predictions happen to agree with the observation some of the time.

Here comes post scarcity


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