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EMILY BLOWER and ANDREA JAENDRASINGH: I’ve just sent the notes to you – hope they help and best of luck with any exams you may have!!


Thanks. I got 7.5 with 1 day of preparation and following your guidelines.

Afaik supreme commander was (also) made by atleast some devs that worked on total annihilation. Just like this upcoming game is being made by some devs that worked on total annihilation.

It’s always 6 oclock around here!

Consider this: From any other POV, humans are an infestation on this planet. One of those points of view will be artificial intelligence. A reasonable population, relative to life as a whole, will be determined. Most of us are extra. Pathological to the whole. We are the disease. It aint likely to change.

And I hope you can set advanced options in match like in supreme commander 2. I love our advanced option system shit 🙂 its just BEST

What you should be commenting about is this extremely dishonest, degenerate compulsive liar.

Trump should watch this channel

If yes, what is the apparent good you are pursuing in capitulation to vice? And is that apparent good a hidden longing for virtue?

Lithuanian and Latvian are merged to one language.. This map is so incorrect..

Basically, you have visionaries who create things that drive the economy, and you have those who are ashamed by their lack of vision who believe that by quantifying and defining, and even throttling, the things that the visionary created, they have somehow contributed to the vision. In 1776 the free thinking visionaries were the founder of the United States and the British were the one’s who’s grip on social definitions were threatened by the new way of thinking. This battle is still being played out every day in this country a million times over. Unfortunately, computers have given those who think they can define and control creativity the upper hand. And they are using them in an attempt to control the human spirit and limit free thinking to only those ideas that have been catalogued and quantified. Any thought outside of that is a threat to the data structure.


I can sense little libertarianism in this philosophy

No dejare de ver esta serie hasta que conozcas a miss nancy xD

This is absurd! Thank you for this.

The Belfast accent is shit. Cruise sounds more southern irish than northern irish

We south Indian people are little bit poor in understanding Hindi. so please try to post videos with subtitles or try to speak completely in English. thankyou

Genius staff is so cringey


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