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PLEASE, break down VIKINGS

Just 1 week ago a computer taught itself to walk.

Name of the music please??

Is this patched or does it still work.

You’re confusing gender and sex. Sex is an essentialist concept, the sex you were born with. Gender is completely different: some people who have been born male, yet who are very effeminate, or conversely, tomboys as they call them. Gender has almost nothing to do with genes, sex has everything to do with it. We associate masculinity with strength, indepedence, entrepreneurship and femininity with emotionality, weakness, … That is a cultural construct that is sexist and harmful.

The gay man is very much a modern creature…

It’s rethorical aim is to ‘equalize’ men and women, whereby any detected difference is imputed to socializing forces only,

I wanted to know what you are about, but I don’t have time to view your video a second time to get what I missed because I was distracted by ‘guessing’ where your name comes from.

You ignorant turds

What is that circular artwork on the board? I can’t find any reference to it…

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Me: Wtf?

Copy cat….

Still fucking nonsense!!!!!!



We yelled and screamed at creative innovation, now we sit in sorrow about a future that could’ve been, some of us still hope.

I think this vedio may helpful and quite understandable.

Look at the western highly developed civilized world – people are not equal too. It’s very usual here in America to call poor people less fortunate… what is the difference between less fortunate and being born in lower caste? This is a different way of presenting the same thing. What does” less fortunate” means?? Bad horoscope? Bad karma? Cursed?

In fact, this is what I have been looking for.

You didnt mind stealing 265 trillion dollars from us. Killed unarmed people(jallianwala).boasting of technology, You must have stolen that from somewhere else as well. Your entire civilization is based on stealing. I need to check my pockets, maybe you have stolen something by your technology.

Does this behavior show up through writing? or how about if he attempts to type out what he believes he’s saying? interesting… very interesting. Or have him type out a list of random words while repeating them out loud? man, the brain is such an interesting place.

Hunger of Money is responsible for that…

Perfection realized.

was Elumpa Simple Studying Alchemist – if anyone wants to know more search on google


Wyt ppl r evil

He has a good point on many items. BUT, the issue I take is the suggestion regarding the consistency of language being not as important as some make it out to be. My example is with science. If the scientific nomenclature and ‘language’ were not kept so rigorously and consistently defined (sure, it is not completely void of inconsistencies, ambiguity, and redundancy…we are human after all), we would have a difficult time grasping the concepts and categorizing them in our minds.

Finally someone who knows that Buddhism isn’t a religion? lol.

Most hr representatives are working most intently on breaking down their own consciences for an increased paycheck. this is not acceptable.

Thanks sir👌👌👌

A REAL revolution and a REAL rebellion for freedom and justice.

Seriously dude thx alot!!!! It helped me for my exam! Keep it up 😀

So raw, I’m in love.

Well, I’m obviously not part of your feminist cause, whatever it is. I don’t think I need say anything else, Hunter. The only bully here is you. Your language speaks for itself.

I mean this way of thinking is stupid because how would society be if there is no rules no “farmers” we were led. If u want to go deeper it’s all about human nature. We evil lol there ain’t changing that. It would only make sense if we lived in a utopia where everything was perfect fools




Yea! Great advocate for following your heart!!

He’s one of the smartest intellectuals currently working in the entire field of social sciences. However, listening to him talk is like chewing on Valium-laced molasses candy.


Obrigado pelos vídeos Paul, estou gostando muito, embora ainda esteja aprendendo inglês, the videos are helping me to increasing it.

This was a great help because i cant write intro’s or conclusions to save my life so thank you very much

Could you write the general structure for IELTS Writing Task 2 in simple way to understand how can I write like this kind of essay, please?

WOOO! Ya used Command and Conquer’s No Mercy sound track for your Number 1 😀

Thx soo much and my brother watches this too your nice :3

Theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer’s

Olahh saludosss

Amazing movie

2 am. Cant sleep. Must. Watch all. e. o

I so respect this guy!

Thank you so much.

Thanks you so much professor.

Age of Empire 2 had the best macro options in any game. You could dodge projectiles by changing squad formations. You could destroy an upgraded enemy army with good macro and no upgrades.

Tbh i never put the dot in the i lol

Mashallah a very nice lecture.

True in most cases, but sometimes it is important to use the correct wording, punctuation, etc. (i. e., their/they’re/there, your/you’re), or else someone will have to take a little extra time to try to process what is meant.






It can be told in the first two minutes, that this is typical American social justice warrior dominating-through-shaming harassment, just like you see it on Tumblr and with feminists and white knights in general. Not Edward Said, but how he’s used, presented and “interpreted” in this video. The whole video is deliberate manipulation and America-style social engineering. I say that, an “oriental”.


You make it sound like a conspiracy; it’s not. It’s simply the evolution of society. Yes, we are enslaved but if I have to pay taxes to maintain a civilized society so be it. A truly free society is a lawless society (and easily conquerable as well). Here in the U. S. (IMO) we are responsible for most of our enslavement through our massive consumerism and intemperate greed. If you can sacrifice the college debt, the 2,500 square foot home in a good (read expensive) school district, the foreign luxury cars, and the home stuffed full of products made in China, then you can be about as free as I think you’d want to be. You could move to primitive Africa, that strikes me about as free as you can get in today’s world but you are free to periodically starve, free to get AIDS, and free to be conquered by your neighboring village or some warring faction any day. Being enslaved exacts a cost, no doubt, but freedom exacts a cost too. The costs of enslavement are high but somewhat predictable. The costs of freedom may be low but could be dire – someone is always out to enslave you worse.

I just discovered your channel and I think it´s awsome. I have seen the videos on Breaking bad, Louie Ck, Seinfeld, Beatles, LOTR´s music, great job really. Keep on with that!

Marvel’s do different things, like they are dont do the mainstream things

No one wants you to be happy. Others only can judge you. That’s why only we can find our life purpose.

U are amazing

It took her two years to figure that shit out?


Great talk, I would appreciate the interviewer to run a discussion and not just asking questions which have nothing in common to previous words of Chomsky

Haha, that’s an interesting idea. Que pensez-vous Francois? Wat denk je, Henk?

X_gsmcfarlane_x 💖 my insta 😉 great video eve


Everyone is fed and doesn’t need to work because machines do it all for us.



Triple talaq

I think these videos are very well put together. Thank you!

Thank u next time can u do squid paragraph of macbeth and frankenstein

Like Trump?…

“O son of Kunti, the nonpermanent appearance of heat and cold, happiness and distress, and their disappearance in due course, are like the appearance and disappearance of winter and sumer seasons. They arise from sense perception, O scion of Bharata, and one must learn to tolerate them without being disturbed.”(Bg. )

“H” dropping is also why most Americans say ” ‘erb” for ‘herb’ while other English-speaking countries mostly preserve the “h” in ‘herb.’ Yet almost all accents have dropped the “h” from ‘honour.’

Sincere, I’ve always felt like an outsider.. I wasn’t totally rejected, but raised to feel I am worthless. And now I’ve lost my job and so I do nothing all day! Ha!


I have to write a personal response about the book harry potter and the goblet of fire is this thesis statment correct: Although the goblet of fire has some cons like the fact that cedric’s immolation gave the book a unnecessary sad ending and there were distancing, irrelevant parts such as spew and winky, I still admire the tremendous plot twist and the dispute between Ron and Harry.

Great Video 🙂 Does anyone know the songs name?


Ergghhh! nasty try phoneticizing that :p

I found great sympathy and support by opening up to everyone I worked with and friends and family. It’s being accepted as a more acceptable disease, which is a great step forward.

I sleep on the couch in the studio, stay up ’til 3 in the morning

Hi Mr Bruff. Your videos were really helpful at GCSE time. Now I do A-levels, can you please try to do analysis for The Great Gatsby, The Kite Runner and maybe Rossetti’s poems. Thank You

I love that thumbnail, well played vox

Call to Adventure: Peach needs saving

I really needed this…

Which is worse.

Good idea Jade, such a great idea and keep being awesome and doing what’s best for you. All love and support gal // Love from the Northern Irish one 💗💗

Thank you for your lessons

5,000 years ago Indo Languages appeared???

Submarines, algorithms – already used at the time of Greco-Buddhism –

I really like your video. Can you please tell me what skills do students need to master in order to be successful in getting the job, or excel in it. Thanks a lot.




What I got from this is that Maggie Stiefvater seems to love death. LOL.

Am i the only person that notices Jacob has an acdc belt?

I am soon taking an English test this will be so useful

I do get off my ass/arse.

Can IB students benefit from this pack?

Very much appreciate the efforts

Thank you this really helps my exam is on monday and watching all these videos and mice and men really help.. im also doing women in black so could i also add these tips to it aswell

If we accept that, democracy is dead! it quite often happens that only a minority really knows what would be the best for a country, but inspite of knowing that we have to accept what the majority decides, we have to accept the outcome of elections!

This really helped clear some aspects of English for me! Merci beacoup le professeur

Thanks 😀

The American R is a huge feature in Irish English and Irish Gaelic

Do you want to know true life that actually makes sense? Perhaps another perspective of religion and evolution? Perhaps you’re tired of this chaotic world and wanna help out? Then read this book at truthcontest*com


Yeah for the Doctor Who reference

I can’t even stand that woman’s voice. I’d rather listen to Sarah Palin all day, at least Palin is just a moron, she’s not quite as evil.

I like your videos but about this one you are so wrong about the iranian revoulution.

Por favor la traduccion al español

Both are murder inaction is a horrible thing murder is worse

He is amazing, inspiring and awweesssoommeee…

I like adam better

Perfectly inelastic = Olbamacare



Dosto ek channel hai saini ji ka darbaar naam se..vha economics exam 2017 ke liye best video padi h vo dekhlo bassss akeli bhot hai 90 se uper dilane ke liye

Maybe sometime all people will have learned it…

Repent and believe in the Gospel!!!!! How much time you have!!!

I get it, thanks

This is among the best place ever for you to read any books you want, “fetching lobon only” (Google it). I couldn`t find books free everywhere but here thanks it will help me in my future financially. With the aid of this website, I had been able to grow, learn, and widen my imagination anywhere I go! I really enjoy all the audio books as well.

Listen to the “chief priest’s” entitlement! He sits there in a diaper wearing a pair of fucking Jackie O sunglasses, arguing that a person’s honor/dignity is determined simply by what family they’re born into. Such unsophistication and ignorance for a sagacious highborn.

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Please, Like this comment that they should be..

Dude this would’ve made the perfect summary for my English class. Dude EVERYONE would understand this

Prejudices, it is well known, are most difficult to eradicate from the hearer who’s soil has never been loosened or fertilized by education: they grow there, firm as weeds among stones

Great talk! One of my favorites

He’s actually a huge jerk to his fellow employees.

I am from the Balkan and i study english at school but i didn’t learn it from school i learned it from playing games in english and watching cartoons, so i think if you watch movies and tv shows in a language your trying to learn you wil learn it

Gotta love Stephen Fry.

This shit scares me boy because most self learning robots can only learn about a strict thing. But not that one that you said they can learn it by seeing you do it well if you got one that could walk and move around. you could teach it to KILL people… This is serious LOL I’m not even making a joke

Es wor of gu

When free markets get things wrong: Monopolies, Human Rights, and THE OLIGARCHY OF THE USA.

Startled, she turned her head, she couldn’t see him anymore, she could not understand him and humming continued to live in the moment, like he never existed.


Please may you do one for ocr macro, thanks

“Escargot/ My car go…”



Yet with the tap on her iPad, a hologram appears that she can use as a touch screen!

Im surprised there are people like this ted talk guy who actually know whats up. Glad im not alone but will anyone ever do anything? The Education system is so screwed up that people in power are afraid to admit it.


Well I officially want the earth to end now just because people like this actually exist just put people like this out of they’re misery just drag them into the town square and beat them to death with wooden clubs



16-21 u joking? XD lol I’m 11

Really great vid, thanks!!!

I don’t know why I have to feel emotionally disabled because of the imagination of other people from various social classes with sex, drugs and rock and roll while I stay at St. Vincent de Paul homeless shelter in San Diego, CA.

Thank you I used your method and scored 7 in writing

That was amazing 🙂

Write about the following topic:

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Gave me the chills

This guys great

I feel like saying male ballerina is like saying octopuses instead of octopi. Since it’s an irregular it’s a rarely used one, the regular “incorrect” word will come more into usage and become “correct”. Sorry prescriptivists!

Art is art bruh….. MF get paid millions to throw paint on a canvas so what’s wrong with thug art.???

As a gay man i did not feel particularly offended nor objectified by the tshirt, but that might be because we havent been as fetishised as women have throughout history (yet) , and in our case genres like yaoi despite how unrealistic and objectifying for gay men can be, it has helped to increase acceptance of gay relationships in media and fandoms.

This is why I hate my life



I was in Grade School then. I didn’t have an opinion on the matter, but I wondered how they knew all that.

Wow! this is Very helpful;thank you.

Cool English lesson. Wish you taught me this, easier to understand then when I had my teacher.

I wonder if you guys would be getting funded properly if you had promised first class support for both Mac and Linux from the get go, but oh well, another good idea wasted 🙁 sad to see this go down the drain.

English elective Ytb

Yes Marvel, it’s possible. 👍

But there was no such thing as A homosexual.

You can make claims even if you don’t have the resources to buy the geothermal plants yet. You should have grabbed both geothermal spots as soon as you upgraded, and then worked towards building the plants.

We are born with no plan and we pave out own fate. we are born to died.

I want to read the comments but they might be disencouraging. 😉

How can l find academic words more?

The catcher in the rye and animal farm are my favorite!!

Hi Jade! Im obviously very suprised and also impressed by your decision. Im your age but i live in Poland so i will be graduating from secondary school in 2019. For the last few months i’ve been struggling with what i want to do after school and what university i want to go to. I’ve been thinking about applying to the University of Amsterdam for the last few weeks but i know it’s really expensive to move abroad to study especially to such a big city. I have honestly no idea what i want to do and you made me consider taking a gap year. Of course im going to think a lot about it but i feel like it would be a good option for me to kind of find out who i am. Im writing all of this to let you know that you gave me a perspective and im very grateful for it. My comments on your videos are always very long lol but i just feel like i can share things like this with you. I would love to see another video focused mainly on your plans during a gap year when you figure out what you are going to do exactly. Love you xx

You must have patience, young grasshopper.

I know there’s a gershwin joke there somewhere but idc to make it

You teach so great! Thank you Jame

To argue that we are the outcomes of all these acts combined, is true in a way,

Thesis Statement anyone?

I failed both Chinese and English😭😭😭😭I hate languages they’re so ugh

Https:// v=7Jl6118Qyxs

Algum Br?? Comenta eu

Boo hoo kids…learning happens when you are dedicated, passionate and switched on….if you are sitting farting around on facebook during a lecture then maybe you are the problem…..

Thank you very much for the teaching, English it’s not my mother language and I’ve been learning english all by myself for the past 15 years (I know, it’s a long time). Next week I’ll be in a contest to win and english scholarship to learn english sponsored by the UK ambassador in Honduras so, I’m very nervous and thrilled, wish me luck.



Be a Communist

>Dumb bitch says something incredibly boring and retarded


What is moral..

Omg the date is my birthday I flipped!

I think that halo wars should have at least been an honorable mention, is it a great game? No but it was innovative and in my opinion very underrated (I’m a console player if you couldn’t tell so go easy on me)

Cinematography: shit

Median mode ka chapter explanation kaha hai????????

Please never play a fucking alarm clock sound again holy shit. i almost had a panic attack.

Great help mate, you are the best

Was 95% correct for me idk why others didnt got crrt 😂

To use your family, your loved ones, as an excuse to justify your actions, for murder or any other illegal or inhumane actions, for me… it borders with cowardice… a selfish motive… we all suffer and we will continue to suffer but to live on the expense of others is something we need to reflect on. If we ever allow such action and felt no remorse, then we must question our own humanity and determine if we have become less and more of a monster

Wow, I really liked this video.

Yayyy✨ can’t wait for traveling vlogs. I’m taking a gap year and joining up with the volunteer ics programme 😊😏

These retards got into Harvard?! Now that is injustice.

Nah, Nietzche was not Nihilist!