The European Dream, awesome book by Rifkin.

Yes His mouth forms words and he rattles on like a post menopausal tweet.. But A Psychologist would be more helpful here… The man’s Cheese has slid off his cracker.

Buddha said once, “one should take up whatever I had preached only by analyzing it yourself, just like a gold Smith would test the purity of gold by cutting, rubbing and smelting and not because that you just simply respect me”. Buddha himself had given his followers the freedom of challenging him which I think is best quality of Buddhism that is rarely found in other major religions which are strictly confined to their holy books(I am not trying to compare anything here)….after all Buddhism is very much like science trying to prove things by reasoning using this human brain and find the truth.

A brainiac in fact son, you mainly lack attraction

Whenever the show ends, it’s going to have to answer this question. The most important question in human history, “What am I doing here, and what should I do with it?”

Thank you! Tony.

Increase fertility rates in wealthier countries and lower them in poorer countries. Helps balance the wealth gap


Постоянно с детьми смотрим ваш канал! Респект вам!

From KSA

We are killing the planet by using it against itself

You should make a video about Euskara/Basque! It doesn’t use the nominative/accusative system that most (IndoEuropean, maybe Semitic too) use!


It’s like you untangled my mind and nearly put it in a a way that I can see and understand evenly.

Stupid assumption! You can tie to no human areas always.

A day in the life if HR,

Words cannot comprehend how beneficial yet brutally entertaining your videos are! I appreciate a of this advice; in this crisis time of college apps and sleep deprivation, a good yesReneau video really hits the spot! If there’s ever a possibility of collaboration or aid with essay writing, please let me me now! I’m aspiring and ambitious; help is NEEDED! Thank you so much for all of your videos; talent and modesty are hard to find these days! I’m glad there someone I can look to, to help me with my future!!

Quite ironically, this video is littered with Illuminati symbols. Is there any subliminal message in this? 😛

Sadly most people can’t see beyond their own pain and suffering – they fall easy prey to religions offering cheap pleasures of the flesh in the sky or think ending desires will somehow make things better, all they end up doing is wasting their life

How do i learn to write like that

I am learning Spanish and my biggest problem so far is I cant roll my R’s


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