What’s the opportunity cost of buying that much hair dye sir.

Thank u sir

Look at the statistics there’s a huge spike every may lmao

The Odyssey?

“nutella is life. life is nutella.”

I see all these people talking about high school, but I read this in 6th grade recreationally. Maybe that young formative experience is why I’m so ardently opposed to censorship of any type.

Thanks for your work it helps me understand English and Economy terms.

“The world will not be destroyed by people who do evil, but by those who watch without doing anything”

Canada and the United Kingdom.. Both are Democratic Socialist.


Who watching this on 2017?

I thought his desk was on the walls

Lol rly interesting way to learn. XD

Yes, very important on the Modern Texts paper, Section B. I’ve completed a video on it and will be putting it up soon.

These videos are so very informative, i’m a U. K student studying A level Economics for my exams in two months, self taught with the use of distance learning, these videos are very informative, easy to understand and explain things without sounding boring. I’m really impressed.

Sir, plz provide more vedios on recent topics

No novels by Jane Austin, no Hemmingway, not even Gone With the Wind? You need to do another top 10 list.


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