It is not eastern style meditation; it is the opposite of eastern style meditation. In eastern style meditation, you spend time trying to look in completely. To exercise your spirit, you do the opposite, and spend time trying to look out completely. You try to experience all that is coming to you though your 5 senses completely. Google TruthContest read the Present, it explains the real, it explains the big picture of life in every facet, including the nature of your mind and spirit. Learning how life works will set you free.

-Business cycle → the rise and fall of inflation and deflation or contractions and expansions

The meaning of life is to distract yourself from realizing that life is meaningless.

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This guy is speaking facts but whats up with that psychotic half smile stare when the audience laughs…?

And then MGTOW was born

4:08 You snapped! Captin underpants is off!


@wisecrack can you do Archer?

That was a very well constructed video. Props!

I want to buy some LooLoos now.

Very helpful! I literally cannot do introductions or conclusions tho 🙁 does anyone have tips?#

All communists are rich

Bullshit old rule set by these type of people

Hey, im here in my backyard…just bought a lamborghini…

Thanks a lot u’ve solved my prob


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