#freedom & #anarchy are are two brothers ; one is sensorily impaired and one is physically impaired chasing the same woman #JOY


Dude, you look like Edin Dzeko. loll

Ariel, can you expand on your statement, “Skinner’s philosophy is one of the most misinterpreted works in the history of social science”

Why not 1 method of teaching?

Hello, Mr. John Green.

Good one Dr. Ravi. Quite well explained through real life experience, touching our day to day life situations….

How accurate is the pharyngeal fricative? I’m learning Arabic and don’t want to mess up my pronunciation.

Can you make a video on how to pull a successful allnighter?

Fake in the man

So.. where can I get some LOOLOO shoes? Is there a website I can order them?

You are either trolling or that “Like I should care” mentality will get you in big trouble later on in life. Empathy allows you to understands another’s situation. it does not mean that you automatically will join another’s cause. Thats why we can think and make decisions through observation. Empathy helps us obtain more information than just from what we know ourselves.

Stop Wasting Up Your Time and

I am so confused! i came here for current account surplus and got nowhere

Sir, if i buy a car! so its intermediate good or final good?

Cold, heat? Your blood

– ‘Blood Rites’ Jim Butcher.

This was fascinating. In the US, deaf people “invented” their own sign language, too. Places like Martha’s Vineyard, where 1/4 of the population was deaf and everyone in the community signed, had local sign languages. The main reason ASL and British Sign and German and French sign are so well-established and “standardized” is because of the existence of schools for the deaf, and communities of deaf people visiting with each other, etc., If Nicaragua continues to educate their deaf children and adults, the same thing will be true in less than 20 years. The interesting thing is that all these sign languages are visual/spatial languages and share similar structure and syntax and use of classifiers and non-manual features.

If you want a real issue to discuss, why not discuss the fact that teachers are underpaid and and often apathetic to their role, and what that means for society?

I’m in middle school, why am I watching this XD

Colonise other planet and leave Earth alone

Has there ever been anything Nicolas Cage did that was good?

Railing against corporations while talking to a corporation. #prophet

Mam please next video on comsumer equilibrium…


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