Te quemรณ la casa


Ruse and command and conquer red alert 3

Universal Basic Income will be a must or else the polarization and anti-establishment wave we’re seeing now in the west will escalate to anarchy and chaos in the coming 20 years. I fear that the establishment and the 1% will resist or curtail the introduction of UBI and in turn lead to a disaster.

I suffer from Asperger’s syndrome, body language doesn’t come naturally, I never know how to position myself, and I often end up making the wrong decisions, hence appearing agressive or distrustful. Of course, I don’t have the “instinct” to read THEIR body language either.

If you have so little balls to peruse a scientific career that even a comedic shirt can turn you off it, i’m afraid to tell you ladies, the only career you should be in is cotton wool factory so you can wrap yourself up in it.

These videos are the only reason I semi pass AP Macro…

WHy is it that every modern philosopher is a spoiled rich family boy?

– Abhijit (India)

Very awesome video. I can’t believe this has under 1000 views! Great work, and thank you. You have helped a lot with my English finals ๐Ÿ™‚

Wow in my college days a English boy with a black voice it was so great to see how Music was changing in UK

Are you that guy from jumanji?

Iska 2nd part available ni hai kya

Rip Starcraft an C@C

How many takes were needed for this masterpiece

Cheers for clarifying (Y)

Interesting video!! I am starting to write my thesis and get stuck on the problem statement. Thank you so much..


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