– Jesse Eisenberg (Mark Zuckerberg)

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I personally live Joseph Conrad. Heart of Darkness or Lord Jim could have been nice to include.


This could never happen successfully. if everyone is unemployed businesses will have no one to buy their products. So they will have no money to buy/build their robots. The unemployed have nots would revolt and take from the robotic haves.

The idea is simple, that people know more about their own preferences than third party bureaucrats lording it up in some capital thousands of miles away. Allow people to make their own economic decisions and more mutually beneficial outcomes occur. hence GDP growth, low unemployment etc. More win win situations.

This is really got me thinking Im going to show this to my sociology teacher for discussion omg

These jokes are so corny

I don’t speak like him, nor does anyone I know. The only people that sound remotely like this guy are the concert ticket scalpers outside the Boston Garden.

You enjoy your freedom

Yeah we do. in modern greek we have four cases.

They mean literally read it. That book can be confusing to someone reading it out of context or if you don’t have good reading skills.

Another common enemy theses days (only a ghost): The patriarchy

Scythians were not Indo-European


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