“Sex and gender are two different things.”

Trump is an idiot.

Hi, everybody i want to improve my speaking skill for the TOEFL is there anyone to help me?

He uses “Believe me,” to try and cover the fact he knows he’s lying. If she can’t recognize this simple fact she’s either a moron or a sycophant.

Young thug sounds like a baby bird

I hope so.

You didn’t change your shirt. You just recorded it at two different times. Nice cover though. 😛

So shut up about Taiwan because facts are facts and you cannot deny that the government of Taiwan (even though it is a delusional political dinosaur) makes its own decisions – this is independence. Whether or not that government makes delusional claims, is irrelevant.

Thank you for this video, and welcome to my 8th grade LA class,, because you will be speaking “there” next week. nice job….

Many people today are fascinated by lyricism/word play in rap music. So I’d disagree with the notion that no one cares about words.

This view is internally consistent but wouldn’t explain why a man ought be called a woman based on gender as on this view, gender is little more than personality. A small dog might act like a big one but it’s still a small dog.

David is the wizard of linguistics.

09:49 americans…….. always forgetting that Dutch has the most agressive R sounds on the planet throughout their whole language……

This is the best youtube channel

#2: You were making me lactose intolerant while watching you drink that… so if I could give you two thumbs up for an awesome lesson and an incredible stomach… i SO would. Thank you again! xD

All dogs go to heaven

The year 2030

What happened to awesome supreme commander 1 graphic design????


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