You look very hot when you are nervous…. oh i am sorry

That shit need to be burned


I got a question, does he know that what he’s saying doesn’t “make sense”, or he doesn’t realize it?

Just think about it, this is what we HUMANS are doing. That’s really sad if you think about it. This video represents our lives and what it’s going to end up as if we don’t stop 🙁

This nigga is trash

Why do we people call a group of assholes elite? They are far from elite. Sinister would be a better term for these scumbag defective subhuman parasites. They thrive from us, the true elite

Make video about Hungarian plzzz

Can you mail me this

I really dont comment on YouTube but i have to say this was an amazing video that depicts just what the title says “Humans”. Everyone needs to see this video at least once and maybe we really would have a quick chance to really understand one another.

I have final exams on this book tomorrow and i havnt read it.. any suggestions?

Im shocked you guys dont have a video on nihilism

I believe nobody, not even the comments, is answering his dilemma. He asks what the difference is about the two trolley car incidents, and the answer is absolutely nothing… physically. Both are murder, but the only difference is our perception. This entire lecture/speech is about human nature, not law. What makes us feel that steering the train is better than pushing a man? Let’s start with what we feel. When we steer an object, a machine, we put our blame and our trust in that machine, therefore eliminating a certain amount of guilt from our actions; the death of the workers is a direct effect of our actions but we feel it is indirect. Why? Because we blame the machine. We make a decision, we contemplate with our innate skills in mathematics, and we decide that 1 is less than 5. When the men die, we blame the deaths on the machine. Although many won’t admit it, we as humans (for the most part) feel less guilty because we perceive that situation as an indirect effect of our actions. However, when we push the fat man off of the bridge, we are directly affecting the man, and we are able to form a physical and somewhat of an emotional connection with him as he falls and is crushed to his death. The interaction with another human exponentially increases the amount of guilt we feel, and that is the only difference between the two situations.

Wide and the complex strings of human behavior

To all the people complaining about Hungarian missing. Hungarian, Finnish and Estonian are not Indo-European. You are Finno-Ugric/Uralic peoples from North Siberia.



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