Why are there dislikes

This was pretty awful

Well we know from the most recent episode that he does deeply care and love morty.

Thank you, shared with students, you just saved me a load of time now we can discuss!

Ilysm btw 😀 x

Helpful for my media studies teaching..hopeful my students will understand. I love Naom Chomsky saying the unsayable. Profit is the motivation – not love, compassion, entertainment or indeed anything that is not about money. This is a terrible way to run a culture – on materialism. Challenge power you will be pushed to the margins – look at MIA! Russell Brand..We all need to fight back and share ‘Wedom’ – we are all in this together Ek ong Kar – not to make money for the greedy ruling elite. The battle is endless – stay awake and fight it

He rhymed the whole vid like Seuss, very intricate

Indic developed in the Indian subcontinent long after the migration and subsequent settlement had happened. The speakers if (Vedic Sanskrit) were still Iranian peoples. And for that to split from other Iranian languages is supposed to have happened happened only near Bactria(Today Balkh).One group continues to today’s Syria and Turkey(Mitanni) and one group becomes the what we call the Vedic people who continued to India/Pakistan area. Good animation anyway! Nice Music!

They cancelled the funding:( do they have enough or are giving up?

1% taking about funny stuff

They didn’t Show mine! pathetic like a Crushed Cockroach

“if people were rain, I was a drizzle and she was a hurricane”

The swiss-italian…”tessiner”


Bit of a stretch to call Kanye music an intellectual export..

I would’ve chosen to steer the wheel but not because I’ll ‘kill’ less that way but I’ll ‘save’ more lives that way. Perspective changes everything. If you think about in term of saving, you won’t justify ‘killing’ five. Anyway, can’t continue with this lecture, answers from these students are so frustrating and diminishes the beauty of this lecture.

Does anyone at all contemplate diet’s effect on mental health? Some catatonic individuals have been cured sheerly through dietary intervention. We eat garbage, and you’re suprised why we feel like garbage?

@popsterity We cannot find solutions until we identify the problem. No where in the video does it say, “Oh man, our life sucks, I feel sorry for myself…” It’s saying, “This is what life is like for us.” Furthermore, we can use the technology we have to improve it.

Sc-morgan_dance5 love you Eve 💙💗💕


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