This is a load of fabulous-sounding guff..

I have an alternative explanation of the “Adam Smith was the first” common thought.

Now those of you who spread misinformation or dehumanise atheists because YOU can’t understand why atheists can still have morality without belief in a deity or afterlives – hopefully this video should explain it…

Any how I hope you do it soon


I read Boy Proof while i was in middle school (must have been right when it was published). I dont really remember specifics about the book, but I do remember that Egg helped me accept myself as I was and I didn’t need the validity of others to be happy.

However, the decline in violence isn’t just from fear of consequences – social attitudes towards violence have changed drastically over time. A somewhat competent enforcer is ultimately still necessary, but it’s far from being the whole story. I highly recommend Pinker’s “The Better Angels of Our Nature” for much more of that fascinating story.

How you write a literature review when there is no precedent literature on the topic you’re working on.

This woman is a professional linguist? She’s claiming that Trump speaks like “everybody else”? Bullshit! I don’t know anyone at all who is as inarticulate as Trump. He doesn’t even construct sentences. He runs a simple idea right into another one that contradicts the first. He just makes stuff up! He has a very small vocabulary. He repeats himself constantly. Mostly, he just brags and then declares, “Believe me.” He’s not informing his audience, he’s coercing them.

Super super movie mystory

Well….now I know where the movie Equilibrium got its entire screenplay from just about. Love the vids.

Holy fuck… shorter than your other pieces but no less impactful. Keep being awesome!

-sex and gender are two different things

Hello Liz,

Seasonal Unemployment wasn’t included.

The mc REALLY sounds like harry potter.

I lived as a child on a Spanish speaking island, which helped me learn Spanish. Now, decades later I am motivated to learn my 3rd language – German.. so will definitely try this method.. we’ll see. I am motivated though and very excited. New language means the mind is growing

I think salman khan (the former hedge fund analyst not the actor) voices all of them himself.


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