Great video!!!!!! But why did you choose milk? !!!!!!

Must…. resist….

Mediatized talking heads use the phrase all the time, gay men don’t, despite the intense programming.

You are brilliant

Cauffe meme xD

And this is He-man: jpg



You continue to be one of the most thought-provoking bloggers on YT. Thank you so much for what you do, and for stimulating our brains!

Who’s listening in 1816?

Kids in afrika have nothing and you destroying two Dollars? Wtf Bro

This guy isn’t as bad as I had thought.

Watching Jack be dumb gives me a headache XD

China isn’t in fact socialist, nor is it communist. From all of the countries I have lived in, not a single one of them has been more of a FREE MARKET ECONOMY than China; No public funds for assistance, no socialised housing. Socially, the government is bordering on dictatorship, but economically, people are wheeling-and-dealing constantly, with little regulation. We are largely misinformed in the West about how China is run, and I hope this comment helps.

How the human being

Good video. Really good. Love it.

Thank u.

Omg its tobuscus!

What if only one guy was stranded on the boat then the case would be to whether to eat a part of his body…. As a human you and we are only allowed to make choices and take actions towards whats within you and affects only you not another human. The nature already designed its death for them which they all had to face it together but they keeled in-front of their weakness to commit the crime. so the situation was to be faced like as if one individual was stranded. People show their reality on critical events.. to know a man give him power… that boat situation gave them power to commit crime and live or else die…….

I’v got my report and I di’nt do the pasusive writing

“Ahhhhhh music to my ears”

2. He never went to the US. He wasn’t welcome. He went to Egypt and died of cancer, due to the tremendous stress laid upon him. He did everything for his people, and everyone turned their backs on him.


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