John I don’t know if you have ever read never let me go but it changed my life

I have planed to write a dissertation about the impact of compensation and benefits on organizational performance. I was wandering if you could tell me is it good or bad. Thank you for all your useful lectures Dr. Armin

Such reorganization is in existence already.

Thank you so much! i can now finally write my fantasy story without finding new music to change the mood! 😀

We’res my late late people😂 Im 11 i scored 360 so I’m 4-9 R. I.P 😒

The voice made it so fucking annoying and hard for me to concentrate

7., CnC Red Alert


This is such a tear jerker!!!! I love it!!

As the orcs in warhammer would say “MOAR”

Its crazy how easily our existence on this planet can be dwindled down to 3 seconds. It puts things into perspective.

Based on your class about introduction, I’d like to know if I’m following the right way. Could you give me a feedback?

The article is now live on at the address in the info below the video.


We’ve known each other for so long


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