I speak 3 languages

Muy entretenido no me he despegado de la pantalla desdeque ha empezado el video

To the 12 tribes scattered amongst the national: Greetings.

Thank you for taking the time to teach us Dr. Taylor.

Should I write the rough draft within the same place with my original writting or the rough draft on a separate place?

Trump is the exemplar of the broken electoral mechanism in America — so how long will we be stuck with him?

Your videos are extremely helpful! I would really appreciate it if you could send me the AS unit 1 and 2 economics notes xx Thank you. My email : hafsa.

@PeteJohnMcGarvey we are all hoping that too.

Did anyone else’s brain explode?

In spain most of us are bilingual since born, bc we live in regions that have 2 oficial languages and in school they teach us with both languages. Then we learn english and french/portughese. For some people it’s still considered a handycap to be bilingual (with thoose regional languages like catalan or euskera) even some politicians said that it’s pointless to teach those lenguages. What do u think?


I like this outfit: nice gray-orange contrast.

Not everyone is here to listen to Beethoven just while studying.

I’m named after Iran :’3 And I always wanted to know more about Iran’s history so this was really cool.

Caraí mas a maioria e verdade


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