Good interview.

It is perhaps a difference in method indicating a disagreement about fundamental things.

Biernik (Accusativus)

FanFiction Suck :>

32 : 50 i’m an arab muslim girl. and i wanna punch her in the face. stupid girl.

This was possibly your best video.

The first 5 people were on the high way!

“oral coreography”…I don’t think I’ve ever heard that before. That is a really good way to put how to shape your mouth to make the different sounds that different languages make. Pretty cool.

We want a new car? We have to be woman and man enough to have wrecked to metal melting recapture the ‘old one’, be it a 2007 in great shape. Why? because now when we buy a new smart car or prius, we think we’re heroes, but the old car is sold by us.

No you don’t

COME BACK OBAMA! I miss you! Now we have an orange for a president

I’m definitely NOT a hunter. Well, unless it’s a manhunter, and so far I haven’t been all that successful at finding one.

Human by Matt Haig

Today I find out I’m an existentialist. I’m also atheist, and this world is awesome. I can choose my own path.

I understand you than my teacher tnx it helped me a lot my favorite is hyporbole..


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