Too Fast!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks a lot for this list. I am going to begin with these soon!


Thank you form this beautiful, touching film.

Around 2:30, this video gets really quite. Also, maybe this guy was still a virgin in college because of those earrings.

76: 3

Gona juega Until Dawn es muy bueno es de terror y te lo recomiendo

0:55 OMG haha emotions indeed 🤣🤣🤣

Super pic is that it was great Super movies

Consent would matter because intent is everything. plotting behind someone’s back is very different from conversation & reason to reach a consensus

Berkley students watching this be like, “What the hell is wrong with that straight white male with his hat on backwards?!! Cultural appropriation!!!”

Forget all the hipsters who say Eminem is unskilled mainstream fluff.

We still have a long way till Bots take over Pornstars

It makes me nervous how you act and speak

Do not forget the God of Heavens just by these kinds of entertainment!

…. 😐

Do you teach? The technical side of your videos your thought process, as oppose to the presentation. I was your video about the office, and immediately research the part where you briefly mentioned that Derek has autism. I have it, and lack theory of mind: where I look too much into minor details and not the big picture. I don’t want to be an idiot in a world of idiots. I don’t want to be seen as the special kid where I’m narrow minded when studying art, politics, philosophy, agriculture, and important social issues. Everything you talk about, I want to know how to come to those conclusions. I need your help so won’t become worthless, and expendable.

You’ve completely ruined what’s left of what is good about the ‘core’ marvel movies. Now when I grudgingly watch avengers 3 and infinity wars and whatever the hell is left, I’m going to notice the desaturated colors and scream “COMIC SANNNNNS”


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