3. D – 30

This is crap. And manages to get 700,000+ views? Ridiculous. Bombard’s Body Language is the best YT body-language site around. This WaPo stuff is rubbish.

I in no way feel threatened by that. I’m definitely just annoyed. It’s not a riddle.

Ever heard of the word “CASTA” (meaning mixed race) ring a bell?? It is a Portuguese word borrowed by the British looters and their evangelists to demonize hinduism. A flexible JATI system based on qualities was turned into a rigid Caste classifying people based on birth. Future generations of people doing unskilled jobs were not allowed to study in schools and forced to do their unskilled profession for generations. These people got it good since the number of famines were increasing as British looters were bleeding Indian civilization’s agriculture. These so called untouchables or Dalits were the target of evangelists who came along with the British looters

Proud of you for making this difficult decision and love your choices!

This woman is talking utter crap. Go back to say George W Bush, now there’s a simple talking guy. So this woman is just being a cunt, trying to denigrate Trump.

Why does this make me think of Studio Ghibli films…?

Xaxaaxx Ray Charles….. so much cocaine god damn

Hey can u pls make tutorial on cobb Douglas production function

Mom i’ve found my people


Tysm sir, god bless u

Thankyou emma…..your videos are great help👍


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