Blacks need a Democrat master. Jeff Davis, Obama… makes no difference, the result is always the same. Submission to the heel of a master.

Ever wondered what stocks really are and how people make money from them? Let’s be honest, it’s really not the simplest idea in the world. Luckily we just made a video that demystifies investing for anyone interested to learn.

What does academic mean 🙁

Coleman-Liau Index 7.9

Ten is a small number to do justice in this case, I think.

🙁 😢

Sir it’s very helpful, kindly give some more examples of essays

The Jungle by Upton Sinclair. I’d have also chosen Animal Farm over 1984.

So Sciafani basically concludes that Trump can “market” himself and some people will listen. He is still not saying anything substantial. No facts, no timelines, no feasible details, no tangible evidence. The way he expresses himself lacks planned direction; the way he relates information and verbalizes his thoughts is utterly confusing and the expectation when he finishes a sentence is that everyone should “cheer” the babble that he manages to put together when he speaks. All that money and no one ever taught him how to properly, correctly and respectfully address an audience and present information devoid of his own personal brand of narcissistic horse fesses. Please forgive that last word; but let me inform all of you l that I am using my hands as I formulate the message that I want to type; and apparently that counts for more than a proper vocabulary and common sense. 😀

Littele infernooooooo

What a poor video.

Hi Can I have this document you typed in a word document?

The video implies that enlightenment and nirvana are the same or nearly the same. Can a person become enlightened and not reach nirvana (until they die)? Once a person has died and reached final nirvana (parinirvana),, I take it as given that all their suffering and desire has been extinguished.

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“It may turn out to be harmful. For example, a random exploration through the internet that turns out to be a cult generator.”

Wieso?, aber halt doch nur im Kontrast. Wieso ja nur als Nicht-das-da. Wieso also Literatur. Englisch, Französisch, Deutsch. Wieso. Ich studiere also Literatur. Mir ist noch nichts gegeben, hab doch gar kein Gedanken darauf je verschwendet. Versuchte das letzte Buch hervor zu kramen. Da ist gar nichts. Leeres Feld, sie haben wohl aufgehört zu Spielen. Ich setzte mich in Bewegung geh rüber. Einen kräftigen Tritt geb ich dem Ball, fühl mich versetzt, 5 Zentimeter. Dort stand damals auch schon Werther, spielte den Ball weit raus zu Wilhelm, Proust und Ulysses, Diotima. Mir gibt das ganze gar Nichts. Also eigentlich kein Wieso mehr möglich. Ich betrieb das Wieso dann doch noch weiter.

This is what is the world is turning into with those gay cunts

Do you have any advice on the voiced uvular trill? I can do the fricative — the trill is harder.


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