But that is what politicians do in debates too. They dodge the question by talking about other things. Gore, Dukakis, Reagan.. “there you go again” … always evading and taking charge by changing the topic… maybe she will run for office?

PhDuh mushrooms?

I wonder if jobs are gone what will people do

Happy New Year to you Paul, and thank you very much for all the very informative language videos you share with us!

E. g it is assumed that consumers have perfect information. But say the seller is engaging in misleading advertising and controls the information flow effectively. If most of the buyers have faulty information the effects won’t “average out” or disappear due to large numbers.

It would be more appropriate to say Ashkenazi Jews because this accent is only from Eastern European Yiddish-speaking communities.

Independently of the Aryans, yet the horses used in ancient and medieval

I see youve read my fan fictions

This has changed so much.


Thanks a lot for the video! I really learnt a lot!!!

Truths. Thank you.

I should have found this playlist earlier…. /___________________\

We will try to upload some clips in english to give some guidence.

Does suicidal people count as negativity?

My Family fought in World War II to defeat people just like this. My Grandfather and his three brothers fought in almost every major theatre of the war. My Father fought during the containment policy in an attempt to contain Communists like antifa. Personally, I am still a military officer and most of us have no idea what we are defending anymore, mostly its each other. Its clear that Communism is here and is within most of the Western Countries borders. Funny enough, its not really a big deal in Russia, but I know they are sad to see us go down. There is no other solution at this point but war. Where it will start is hard to say, but THAT it will start is an easy prediction. It is so important to not be provoked into violence as this will give these people the justification they need from the sheeple. We need to be patient and wait for a mistake. We are better armed, trained and organized, but we have been crushed in Hollywood and the media. Its Check, not Check Mate, but we are damn close to losing. Hopefully there are enough Gen X around that will still fight.

Best literature ever is obviously playboy magazine


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