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Scythians (Saka)? Their origin is Slav and Turanic tribes. Their early names was Ye-Me. (Yamnaya or Yamayana cultures) Saka tribes immegrated to west (Saxson – Sakason). They was 3 big tribes 1-Saka Tigrakhauda ( tigrak so Tik:leg name of protoTurk in Chinese records. Tele or Ti-elö). 2- Saka Tiay daray (behind of sea) 3- Saka haumavarga from Iran records. And according to Iran records Turan (Saka) was enemies of Iran. Efrasiyab (Alp-Er Tunga) king of Saka. That name is Turkish no doubt. Alp is breave Er is men Tunga is tiger.

If people start to misuse this term for what is, officially, a completely different meaning, then this should be addressed and paid attention to, as it can not only lead to a great deal of misunderstandings, but also to a complete lack in historical accuracy.


More of a Marvel fan, but still love your poster..

eastern seem to often have a greater non specific spiritual connection between all of life.

I speak Arabic, Spanish, French and English thanks to movies, tv shows, Barcelona football club for making this possible.

What’s the game on the thumbnail

I want live like him

Wow! ? !

Great post KoolAidMan, and you’re right: Execution actually matters.

Great video! Thanks 🙂

Also I use YouTube Red and background watch doesn’t work on his videos until like an hour after they’re uploaded. God I hope steem destroys YouTube.

Yesssss. can’t wait.

Love this guy

Dammit Disney and Marvel! Stop being cheap during post-production!

Implement this into the corporate world, Senate and Congress. Make clear that corporate sized ‘religions’


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