I like your voice and the way you teaching

I love how I have always been doing these gestures since i was young! Glad to watch your video! It showed me that there are terms, ways to improve, and develop more techniques that help in the art of conversation and persuasion.

Keep up the good work, will let any classmate know about you.

That’s a true description of all the modern society not only education.

Also you’re kind of funny and cool to watch, I guess.

This is way shallow articulation from a professor phd stands for philosophy of doctor of linguistics originally her philosophical perspective even for an uneducated person like me is not clear her demagogy and analogy just for the sake of being politically correct but still reflect her moral nihilism what an academic rubric how sad for students at her department this is epidemy of bullllshit this subject requires translational research also incoorperation wih an epistemologist ethnologist etymologist linguistic anthropologist sociologist and you name it at least she could reach share perspectives of such fella academics but hence studying a year and expressing this much is grand swell even for an uneducated person like me what a bulllllshit

I am a native bulgarian speaker and I really want you to make a video about bulgarian, because I think our language is beautiful but it doesn’t get enough appreciation?!

I just got Rick rolled for 3 minutes and 32 seconds

Man, i really wanna put some powder on his face…

But I love watching shows with subtitles even I understand


Trump sounds like every business owner I have ever met who built a business which had 30+ employees and tens of millions in revenue… they become a jack of all trades especially in manufacturing or construction… what you would encounter in 30-40 years in either business is ridiculous and could never be taught. An admissions officer for the MBA program at a major business school told me that after building and running a large company that I would not need very many courses as much more than refreshers because of equivalent education hands on in real world situations would make the program a breeze.

Whelp…. there are actually a fairly limited number of mathematically plausible scenarios.

जाति व्यवस्था

I, surprisingly, have not read any of these titles. I will be adding several to my wish list. My absolute favorite obscure book is the self-published Write the Way Up by musician Dick Lucas. It looks at societies move from reality to virtual reality, which will eventually end in a craving for reality. It was written between 20-30 years ago, and I came by it via a high school boyfriend. Also, Vampire Tapestry is one of my favorite obscure books. Although, much of what I read is not necessarily popular fiction; I try my best to mix it up.

Trump wont need an anger translator because he himself is already full of hatred and stupidity:)

Mola 😀

Really means real we say really when we really mean something and it is a good word

I absolutely agree…and it’s horribly unfair to those of us that simply couldn’t financially afford to finish college that most employers won’t care at all to know me, they won’t look past whether I have a piece of paper or not…when I know for a fact I know more then some college graduates I’ve met.

I feel like this is not necessarily the best thing to believe. What if the thing that I feel is my purpose in life is to kill innocent people. It just doesn’t make sense too me, because people may make something bad of their lives and harm other people in turn


Hit so fast because i need to pass french LOL

“You and I” and “You and me” Are both correct, given the circumstance.

Clifford talks WAY TOO FAST and keeps running words together. Hard to understand


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