I’m 13. This just changed my entire view of this tale…

‘You’re full of shit.’

Nice message to the world can humans feel aware of the shade of the tree and freshness of it without really feeling it? Man has seen tree as WOOD brought up to know as WOOD. THE DAY HAS COME TO KNOW THE VALUE OF TREE. I took large group on to an open space with no grass just sand and sat all on the open space with direct sun light at noon at 32C temperature start speaking stories everyone in less than 10 mins started to be wiggle complain of heat and headaches. I kept them for few more than 30 mins and got them up and walked under the lone large three the only one the moment they were under it every one gasp for a fresh air. I said now you feel that the tree is alive and it is not wood

Hey, I’m a German boy (14 years old) and I think it’s too difficult for me to learn lowgerman/Plattdeutsch today. I live in Niedersachsen, Germany (Low Germany) and yeah… Here kids or teens like me don’t speak Plattdeutsch anymore.

Hey, I don’t mind being the next horse. I’ll just be a computer programmer or a politician… or a Computer repairman… or just an avid YouTuber and/or Tv/Movie watcher. TAKE MY JOB COMPUTER(so I don’t have to finish college.)

1. New Zealand

This speech awesome and motivated, your voice like Denzel Washington


I hope that vampire thing clears up soon! You should take something for that.

Or can you???.*dong* Me: here we go again…

Can you make a video about south slavic languages, such as serbian, croatian, bosnian and montenegrin, that’d be very interesting 🙂

Mr. Swamy is one of the great intellectuals of our country. It is a shame that he is not being respected by that joker Modi. Today, I will say that the reason I completely supported Hindutva and BJP for 2014 is Mr. Swamy and not Modi or Jaitley or any of the other jokers who don’t even have a brain.

Budism is terroring inocent people is killing raping beheading any disgusting image suck as nowadays seen by all worls what they did and still doing in burma so budism are the head of terrorism and toutring people in anyway u want in budism there is no freedom except hatred as u see againt muslim in myanmar etc

Did this not come out 4-5 days ago?

I am guessing the black students are all in their safe spaces somewhere else so they can avoid the intrinsic racism at Harvard. In my fantasy we drive the train into all the affirmative action students and thus pave the way for more deserving NE Asian students.

What did she said at 0:34 ? I didn´t understand


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