Be a Communist

>Dumb bitch says something incredibly boring and retarded


What is moral..

Omg the date is my birthday I flipped!

I think that halo wars should have at least been an honorable mention, is it a great game? No but it was innovative and in my opinion very underrated (I’m a console player if you couldn’t tell so go easy on me)

Cinematography: shit

Median mode ka chapter explanation kaha hai????????

Please never play a fucking alarm clock sound again holy shit. i almost had a panic attack.

Great help mate, you are the best

Was 95% correct for me idk why others didnt got crrt πŸ˜‚

To use your family, your loved ones, as an excuse to justify your actions, for murder or any other illegal or inhumane actions, for me… it borders with cowardice… a selfish motive… we all suffer and we will continue to suffer but to live on the expense of others is something we need to reflect on. If we ever allow such action and felt no remorse, then we must question our own humanity and determine if we have become less and more of a monster

Wow, I really liked this video.

Yayyy✨ can’t wait for traveling vlogs. I’m taking a gap year and joining up with the volunteer ics programme 😊😏

These retards got into Harvard?! Now that is injustice.

Nah, Nietzche was not Nihilist!


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